About us.

We are a modern trustee’s office and have high expectations as far as the quality of our services is concerned. We work in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxes and consulting.


Bruno Wyss, Certified Public Accountant
Tel. +41 32 346 22 40 • bruno.wyss@bdo.ch

René Wüthrich, Certified Public Accountant
Tel. +41 32 346 22 41 • rene.wüthrich@bdo.ch 

What we can offer you

For more than 20 years, we have been providing comprehensive services and advice, which are always based on economic principles, among other things. Our objective is to be able to offer our customers good value for money.

  • We work for companies, private individuals and the community. We are all-rounders, but the various members of our team have acquired in-depth knowledge in various areas of expertise.
  • We have close ties to the business community in Biel and the Seeland, and also have contacts abroad. Instead of focussing solely on the legal requirements, we are also aware of entrepreneurs’ viewpoints and incorporate them into our consulting services and work in general.
  • We are held in high esteem by authorities and offices, because we have treated them fairly and with respect over the years. We focus on people's needs in our daily work. .
  • We collaborate closely with an extensive network of specialists in other related professions, such as notaries and lawyers, enabling us to offer you a comprehensive service.
  • We are members of the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants and have an entry in the Register of the Federal Audit Supervisory Authority.


Bookkeeping and accounting

  • Financial and cost accounting duties incl. drawing up the financial statements
  • Payroll accounting and HR administration incl. compiling the annual social security declarations
  • Accounts receivable and dunning
  • Accounts payable and payment transactions
  • Drawing up VAT returns
  • Provision of temporary staff to customers (e.g. to stand in for accountants if they are absent; bridging gaps in case of staff shortages)
  • Providing support with the installation of IT equipment for the accounting system

Offering tax advice to natural and legal persons

  • Compiling tax returns
  • Providing tax representation before authorities (negotiations, appeals, complaints)
  • Tax planning

Audits and audits of annual accounts

  • Statutory auditor (Art. 727 et seq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations, OR) and control authority (Art. 906 OR)
  • Audits as especially qualified auditors (Art. 729a OR)
  • Statutory control authority
  • Establishment audit (Art. 635a OR)
  • Capital increase audit (Art. 652f OR)
  • Capital reduction audit (Art. 732 OR)
  • Audit of consolidated accounts (Art. 731a OR)

Financial and business administration advice

  • Establishing and expanding the accounting system
  • Providing final consultations to companies and corporations
  • Financial and liquidity planning as well as budgeting
  • Balance sheet profit and loss account analyses/cost analyses
  • Company valuation (buying and selling companies and stakes)
  • Providing advice on and support with the structure of consolidated accounts 

Establishing, converting and restructuring companies

  • Establishing companies (all legal forms)
  • Conversions/spin-offs and split-offs/asset transfers in accordance with the Swiss Merger Act
  •  Liquidating and reorganising companies and taking on trustee duties
  • Helping to organise succession planning
  • Accommodating domiciliary companies with the appropriate level of service

Succession plan

In the fram of succesion planing we have transmitted all our business activities to BDO Biel. All employees have switched also to BDO and will continue to be there for you.

We look forward to welcome you at BDO:

Längfeldweg 116 A
2504 Biel/Bienne
Phone: 032 346 22 22
Fax: 032 346 22 23

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